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  • Screenshot of CATraxx 8.21

    CATraxx 8.21

    CATraxx is a powerful music organizer database which will help you catalog a music collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s.

    License: Shareware, $39.95 to buy  Size: 7696 KB Free Download CATraxx 8.21

  • Screenshot of Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.074

    Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.074

    Sophisticated Rename is a powerful program for batch file renaming and other kinds of processing. The program is optimized for working with photo and music files and offers a convenient EXIF editor for JPG/TIF files and an ID3 editor for MP3 files.

    License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy  Size: 1056 KB Free Download Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.074

  • Screenshot of Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92.1

    Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92.1

    Automate the tedious task of changing tagged information in MP3 WMA M4A FLAC APE OGG files. Easily copy or move music files, create playlists and filelists, change filenames with this professional-level program. Coverart and Freedb (CDDB) support.

    License: Shareware, $34.95 to buy  Size: 4336 KB Free Download Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.92.1

  • Screenshot of Music Tag Editor 1.61.1

    Music Tag Editor 1.61.1

    Music Tag Editor is a simple-to-use program that allows you to change "tagged" information about your MP3/WMA music files. Quickly change music filenames, create playlists and even add lyrics to your music files, with full UNICODE support.

    License: Shareware, $19.95 to buy  Size: 2994 KB Free Download Music Tag Editor 1.61.1

  • Screenshot of Tag&Rename 3.5.1

    Tag&Rename 3.5.1

    Music organizer: easily handles all popular digital audio files tags formats. It can fix tags using freedb, import info, get data from files/folders names, keep files and folders organized, create play lists, export tags data, etc.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 3215 KB Free Download Tag&Rename 3.5.1

  • Screenshot of 1st MP3 Tag Editor 5.91

    1st MP3 Tag Editor 5.91

    Got a bunch of MP3 files with missing tags? Get 1st MP3 Tag Editor and get them filled in automatically. When connected to the Net, the program will automatically connect to a database and import MP3 tag data based on track properties.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 3067 KB Free Download 1st MP3 Tag Editor 5.91

  • Screenshot of Helium Music Manager 2009 build 6860

    Helium Music Manager 2009 build 6860

    Helium Music Manager can replace your music tagger, renamer, cataloguer, browser, playlist manager, report creator and more. It handles the most common music file formats (MP3, Ogg, WMA, iTunes M4A, FLAC and APE) as well as standard Audio CDs.

    License: Shareware, $44.95 to buy  Size: 9519 KB Free Download Helium Music Manager 2009 build 6860

  • Screenshot of Music Collector 8.5.1 Music Collector 8.5.1

    Catalog your CD collection automatically, no typing needed. Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM drive, scan its barcode or type artist and title to download all data from the internet, including artist, title, year, track titles and the cover image.

    License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy  Size: 11488 KB Free Download Music Collector 8.5.1

  • Screenshot of mp3Tag 5.91

    mp3Tag 5.91

    mp3Tag is a music tag editor for MP3, WMA, MPC,OGG, APE, MP4 files with great features, like an automated search for lyrics/pictures, Amazon/FreeDB support. The program comes with batch processing options for working with large music file collections

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 4768 KB Free Download mp3Tag 5.91

  • Screenshot of Advanced Duplicates Finder 2.0

    Advanced Duplicates Finder 2.0

    Advanced Duplicates Finder is a compact application specifically designed to automate the process of searching, identifying and deleting duplicate and void files scatted across your hard drive or any other media, including ZIP and RAR archives.

    License: Shareware, $32.9 to buy  Size: 1356 KB Free Download Advanced Duplicates Finder 2.0

  • Screenshot of mp3Tag Pro 6.0

    mp3Tag Pro 6.0

    mp3Tag Pro is a powerful feature-rich tag editor for music files in different formats. Supply your music with information about titles, artists, albums, genres, with lyrics and album art. Rename and organize your music collection in a few clicks.

    License: Shareware, $29.95 to buy  Size: 3781 KB Free Download mp3Tag Pro 6.0

  • Screenshot of Melomania 1.84

    Melomania 1.84

    Melomania is a handy music collection software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collection of any kind, from vinyls to MP3s, and provides you with a quantity of facilities to manage music database.

    License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy  Size: 8306 KB Free Download Melomania 1.84

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