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  • Screenshot of Melody Player 6.1.3

    Melody Player 6.1.3

    Melody player is a little program for displaying & playing music files created with Harmony or Melody Assistant, as well as Midi, MOD and S3M files.

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 1213 KB Free Download Melody Player 6.1.3

  • Screenshot of Player 1.6.1

    Player 1.6.1

    Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats including MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2. The list and played position saved automatically. M3U playlist editing.

    License: Shareware, $24.95 to buy  Size: 1125 KB Free Download Player 1.6.1

  • Screenshot of Passion Audio Player 2.5

    Passion Audio Player 2.5

    The Audio Player for those who have passion with PCs and Music. It uses the BASS API by It's Main features Are: Excellent Playback Quality, Skins , Equalizer, Playlist, freedb support, Sonique vis plugins, Winamp DSP plugins, File TAGS

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 2349 KB Free Download Passion Audio Player 2.5

  • Screenshot of BoxEasy Jukebox 1.8

    BoxEasy Jukebox 1.8

    A graphical jukebox style media player that uses album cover art to access songs - with many configurable options. BoxEasy does not use tag information, relying on Windows folders to organise songs. Fully Vista Compatible! CD ripper included.

    License: Shareware, $14.98 to buy  Size: 3358 KB Free Download BoxEasy Jukebox 1.8

  • Screenshot of Juke 4.0

    Juke 4.0

    Audio and video player for Windows that supports all popular media files and music CDs. Use DirectX plug-ins to turn Juke into a professional music production system with an equalizer, compressor and limiter.

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 1169 KB Free Download Juke 4.0

  • Screenshot of CC Player multimedia 2.5.0

    CC Player multimedia 2.5.0

    You can control your film or your music with the mouse Wheel and the controls keys which you have chosen. You can read the videos step by step or to advance and move back at high speed and to control the volume or the zoom, by using the mouse wheel.

    License: Shareware, $21 to buy  Size: 3632 KB Free Download CC Player multimedia 2.5.0

  • Screenshot of Audition 2000 4.3

    Audition 2000 4.3

    Audition is a small utility that will allow you to play sound files located in a disk directory. A play list is created of all sound files found in the selected folder. Sound files can be played individually, or the entire play list can be played.

    License: Shareware, $12.94 to buy  Size: 1061 KB Free Download Audition 2000 4.3

  • Screenshot of Pinky 5.94

    Pinky 5.94

    Pinky will play MP3, OGG, Wave files and more. It employs a CD Burner, CD Player, CD Ripper, MP3 Encoder, OGG Encoder, Movie Player, sound effects, a selection of skins to choose from, and is part of the Gnutella file sharing network.

    License: Shareware, $25 to buy  Size: 4844 KB Free Download Pinky 5.94

  • Screenshot of Artisan DVD/DivX Player Pro

    Artisan DVD/DivX Player Pro

    Artisan DVD/DivXPlayer is a DVD and DivX player. It also supports popular video, audio, and image formats.

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 1669 KB Free Download Artisan DVD/DivX Player Pro

  • Screenshot of @MAX Tray Player 1.01b

    @MAX Tray Player 1.01b

    Listen to some background music when working! This program inserts control buttons right intoyour Windows tray. You don't even have to open the main program window to control the player.It's lightning fast and has a low impact on system resources.

    License: Shareware, $19.95 to buy  Size: 840 KB Free Download @MAX Tray Player 1.01b

  • Screenshot of FlexiMusic Orchestra

    FlexiMusic Orchestra

    In FlexiMusic Orchestra you assign "small pieces of music beat" to each key/button of all your "Input Devices" and play it as orchestra or musical instrument.Small piece of music beat: You can use any standard instrument/drum from midi bank.

    License: Shareware, $15 to buy  Size: 4424 KB Free Download FlexiMusic Orchestra

  • Screenshot of Auto MP3 Player 1.24

    Auto MP3 Player 1.24

    Allows your computer auto wake up to play MP3 music and auto closes.This program is a nice mini MP3 player, it can control your computer auto wake up from sleep mode and turn off, make your computer become advanced and intelligent music clock.

    License: Freeware, $0 to buy  Size: 799 KB Free Download Auto MP3 Player 1.24

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