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  • Screenshot of Active Audio Record Component 2.0.2009.501

    Active Audio Record Component 2.0.2009.501

    Active Audio Record component directly record audio to wav, mp3, wma, ogg, vox, au and aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Support multiple sound cards and mixer linesSupport WMA speech codec and loseless codec

    License: Shareware, $149.94 to buy  Size: 1500 KB Free Download Active Audio Record Component 2.0.2009.501

  • Active TTS Component 3.0.2009.501

    Active TTS Component 3.0.2009.501

    Directly convert text to wav, mp3, wma, ogg, vox, au and aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Convert text to speech at high speed Support SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices. A lot of examples are provided.

    License: Shareware, $149.94 to buy  Size: 1536 KB Free Download Active TTS Component 3.0.2009.501

  • Screenshot of FLV Converter SDK

    FLV Converter SDK

    Moyea FLV Converter SDK offers a technical solution to convert FLV online. It supports to convert FLV files youtube video to other format video files, such as flv to avi, flv to 3gp, flv to mpeg, flv to wmv, flv to mov, flv to mp3

    License: Shareware, $1200 to buy  Size: 5376 KB Free Download FLV Converter SDK

  • Screenshot of VCX Library 3.0.2008.04

    VCX Library 3.0.2008.04

    VCX library is a set of ActiveX controls designed for developers of audio streaming projects, such as voice chat, web chat, multi-client conference and similar applications providing real-time low latency audio streaming over TCP/IP networks

    License: Shareware, $99.9 to buy  Size: 2854 KB Free Download VCX Library 3.0.2008.04

  • Screenshot of TVideoGrabber 7.5.212

    TVideoGrabber 7.5.212

    TVideoGrabber is a video capture component and media player component. Features include AVI and WMV recording, frame capture, streaming, IP cams,Print to DV, motion detection, videos from bitmaps, reencoding, text/graphic overlay, screen recording...

    License: Commercial, $695 to buy  Size: 2671 KB Free Download TVideoGrabber 7.5.212

  • Screenshot of TActiveMovie 5.10

    TActiveMovie 5.10

    TActiveMovie Delphi / C++Builder VCL component gives you full control on the Microsoft Media Player from your project. You can adjust the volume, speed rate, etc. You can zoom in, zoom out, scroll, capture frames, display clips in fullscreen mode.

    License: Demo, $149 to buy  Size: 1801 KB Free Download TActiveMovie 5.10

  • Screenshot of AutoPlay Media Studio 6.05

    AutoPlay Media Studio 6.05

    Award winning software development tool makes it easy to create interactive software, even if you're an absolute beginner. Powerful enough to handle everything from autorun CD menus to electronic business cards, demos, training applications and more.

    License: Shareware, $395 to buy  Size: 33936 KB Free Download AutoPlay Media Studio 6.05

  • Screenshot of Backup-Burner CDR SDK 7.00

    Backup-Burner CDR SDK 7.00

    Developers: Add Backup-to-CD/DVD capability to your software with one dll function call! Increase the value of your program by assuring your users that they can archive (burn) important data to CD with a menu option. Easy for you, simple for them.

    License: Demo, $325 to buy  Size: 1151 KB Free Download Backup-Burner CDR SDK 7.00

  • Screenshot of Active Multimedia SFX library (mp3) 3.0

    Active Multimedia SFX library (mp3) 3.0

    Useful to beginners and skilled guitarists, is the most easy to use guitar tuner for Windows! Suitable to many different instruments like Acoustic/Eletric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Bouzouki, Violin, Violoncello, Viola, Pipa, Bandolim...

    License: Shareware, $14.89 to buy  Size: 0 KB Free Download Active Multimedia SFX library (mp3) 3.0

  • Voice Recording Applet SDK 1.2

    Voice Recording Applet SDK 1.2

    The Voice Recording Applets SDK allows recording the voice from web site, compressing it to 4800bps and sending it to the web server via HTTP.

    License: Shareware, $300 to buy  Size: 312 KB Free Download Voice Recording Applet SDK 1.2

  • Research Lab Speech Engines Suite 1.0

    Research Lab Speech Engines Suite 1.0

    Research Lab Speech Engines 2005 Suite Includes Four Powerful Speech Engines: A-Speaker Verification Engine SDK, B- Speech Recognition Engine SDK, C- Voice Insert SAPI Speech Recognition SDK, D- Text To Wave SAPI Speech Synthesis SDK.

    License: Shareware, $1200 to buy  Size: 74163 KB Free Download Research Lab Speech Engines Suite 1.0

  • Screenshot of MSSMixer 1.00

    MSSMixer 1.00

    MSSMixer is a control for monitoring and setting audio mixers in Windows. Provided in ActiveX and (when registered) DLL variants, the control provides a simplified way of setting volumes, channels and other controls in the mixer.

    License: Shareware, $39.95 to buy  Size: 847 KB Free Download MSSMixer 1.00

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